Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
30 June 1944


"Dear Nephew Roman:---

Sunday June 18th was Fathers Day. I went to the cemetery with Anna. Not having an auto, it took a long time to get there and back. After sprinkling the flowers which we had planted a few weeks ago, we went to the Foxhead Inn close by the cemetery. That's the place Stack, Anna and I used to go to on those hot Chicago days and nights. We had something to eat and downed a few beers for old times sake. And, incidentally, to quench our thirst.

I had not been in Cicero for a few weeks and boy was I surprised to find 5 letters from you. How you can find time to write them, when you have all of that office work to do and getting your place in shape for all those goofy inspections, is beyond me. Just a wonder man, I guess. Otherwise, I can't figure it out.

Last week we had a 40 mile an hour wind blowing around Chicago, the roof of the Rockola Stadium was blown off and landed across the street and done some damage to the bus line wires and poles and even damaged a house about 200 feet away. If I get to see some of those softball teams in action, maybe I can give you a report on those old-timers you mentioned in your letter.

In spite of the ever changeable weather in Chicago I still like the collecting job. I hope your ear and eye are better now.

Uncle Jack"

[PS: It is eleven bells at this very moment so I guess I'll hold off answering Uncle Jack's letter until sometime tomorrow evening.]