Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
1 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Incidentally, Leishman was promoted to Corporal today and that makes the entire office a rated office with the exception of the buglers. The only man who has yet to get a rating equal to what it calls for in the T/O is Lewis.

I didn't mention anything about the office work yesterday because everything was working out perfectly and today would have clinched the deal but today didn't pan out good at all. Now, instead of being able to tell you how in two days of good work, I managed to clear up all my work and get started on some of the finer details, I now must say that the hitch came and bogged my whole program down. Yesterday afternoon I finished all the OPVs and sent them out to the various officers concerned. In the morning the trouble the trouble began. H&S company returned theirs with only the top one signed - Hanton's. The rest had to go back for the other officer's signatures. Lt Bellows pulled an ordinary enlisted man's stunt of signing on the wrong line so his had to be done over again. Then another Lt was to receive longevity pay and I had no record of it so had to ask him to fill out a certain form and then do his voucher over again. Then the Major had some question concerning his and I did it over also only to end back in the same place that the first was okay and the way it was corrected was still right but not very much so. That wasn't all. Mersing wanted a few forms filled out and then with the extra work redoing the vouchers I had plenty to keep myself busy but Captain Hanton sent up some work at one minute to lunch and wanted it in less time than that. Three of us had to pound that work out. After lunch there was some to do about officer efficiency ratings and that took up some time checking into the situation. Finally some typing which Sackett made a mistake upon and asked me to type for him proved to be my jinx. My mind was concerned about this other work I had to do and my typing suffered with the consequent result that I just couldn't get a perfect copy of the work. It was to go to the major and a perfect copy was needed. I think I must have spent the remainder of the day typing it over and over again. Now I still have those things I planned to finish, still to do.

By the way, Aunty Clara, this lousy typing is not my fault at all this evening. The machine is sticking something terrible and I have to watch it after every stroke to see that it doesn't have me punching in the same spot. I believe I'll change to a different typewriter.

There, this is a little better. O say, Jack Molyneaux kept himself well under control last night and paid off most of the fellows either all or part of the money he owed them until he had only eight dollars left. With that 8 he had hoped to win enough to pay the rest of the debts but, as he has been his habit lately, he lost. Now comes the heroic part --- he did not borrow money to stay in the game but promptly quit at that time.

Did I tell you that "The Song of Bernadette" is showing in our theater area on the 5th of July? I'm lucky for on the 6th of July I pull CQ and would have gone. I think I did tell you that Grauel is CQ that night but he was one of the fellows who I drove down to see it that night more than a month ago.

Methinks that now I'll mix myself a little home brewed milk and grape nuts.

/s/ Roman