Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
1 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

It is about two minutes before eating time but I'll at least start this letter to you so that I can come back to it and finish it after supper before taking off for the Navy show area to see Jean Gabin in the "Imposter".

Now it is after supper and I'm beginning once again with about twenty minutes left to go before we take off for the show.

The mail situation was nothing to brag about --- five Chicago Daily Newses and no letters. That is the one thing which was wrong, they had a flood of letters in the morning mail and a load of packages in the evening mail but not one of them for me. Well, tomorrow will be my day at that.

Today was the day I intended to send out birthday cards to Rosana, Uncle Jack and Marvin but I'm afraid that the only one that is going to go out is the one to Uncle, I mean to Rosana. I haven't finished or even started on the others. That will be the main order of the day for either later on this evening or tomorrow. Even if it is only a printed happy birthday greetings or maybe to Uncle Jack, a birthday letter, I will send something. With the fast delivery of the mail, I believe that I will be able to send them out any time before the 4th and they will be there in ample time.

Well, another break has come in this letter and it is much later at night and I have already been to the movies and have come back. Just as the write-ups said, "The Imposter", Jean Gabin's second picture did not come close to "Moontide" which was his first film. However, it was okay, with the exception that ending wasn't so very good as far as happy endings go.

We had quite a time getting down there and back. Our first lift took us down the hill and then our second lift took us right to the theater area. Coming back, we did not care to go in the fellow's jeep since that hill on the way up here is rather steep and six men aren't supposed to fit into one little car like that. So we tried to get a truck and failed. So, once again, there we were, stranded. Mathis managed to get himself a ride on the truck but Isaac Moreno, the bugler from Company C, and I decided to walk down the road away from the camp and out of the way of the large group of fellows thumbing a ride in. The strategy worked for we were picked up in a weapon carrier going to the 1393rd and came in a few minutes after Mathis did.

By going to the early show, however, I made a few "enemies" in Bill Grauel and Walter Lewis, my midnight show friends. They are going to the midnight show and ever since I came in from the early one they have been calling me a traitor to the cause and such.

The Navy show area has a number of seats but they are not nearly as well laid out as our Engineer Bowl and the entire area is surrounded by home made seats constructed by the fellows in their spare time and only they sit in them even so far as having the right to remove anyone found sitting in their seats. The projection booth is the place though. It is lit up at all times with a blue light, air cooled by two giant fans, roomy and has those synchronized machines so that there is never a break in the film. The light is much stronger and that way the projection on the screen is very clear compared to the shadowy effect our screen and machine give,

/s/ Roman