Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
6 July 1944

TO BE FILED: Eleanor's letter of June 21st 1944.

"Dear Roman:

Hello. I thought maybe if I put off writing for awhile I would be in a better mood, but I'm not. It's Rathborne again. Maybe if I take it out on you I'll feel better. I don't remember if I told you or not but I work directly under Roy again taking off the figures. Well from the very start Florence resented it. She thought she was entitled to it. No doubt about it she probably was.

Finally she just stopped talking to me altogether. She tells Roy what she will do and when and how and so on. That leaves the "nice" things for me to do. Maybe that's my excuse for being tired of it all. I just probably won't admit it to myself that Rathborne holds no glamour. The males make me sick just to realize what other men are dying for. Well let's not spend a perfectly good evening wasted on them.

Yes, I still see Dolores as a matter of fact I intended to spend several days of my vacation with her. The baby is just beautiful. That is some consolation for her. I mean the baby not that it is pretty.

Never having been an admirer of Chester Hansen, I wouldn't care if he got to be a major. Marie tell you she is married? Virginia and Kay were both fired several months ago. Maybe I told you, but?

I had a letter from my brother today that is stationed in Fort Ord, Calif. That is perfectly good grammar. You can tell that I have a couple of brothers from that.

Roman you should be back at Rathborne it is so peaceful and quiet I imagine it would win a close second to the invading armies. The sentence I started and didn't finish was that Georgies letter and your letter were both dated June 15th.

Mary Kuehnle asked me for your address one day. Said she was thinking of you and I said to myself maybe a nice love affair will come of it. I don't think she is hard up for a boyfriend. There is some fellow next door or in the neighborhood that she goes out with occasionally.

Maybe I can interest you in the new girl working in the billing Department. Her name is also Mary Kosicus. Wonderful personality, lots and lots of fun and only 18 years old. Did work for Dearborn last summer. Gary Walroth was in today. He is now a staff sergeant and Stanley Kossack's son received his wings so proud daddy was showing him off. Did you know Ester Judy? Well she is going back to the farm "back where she came from".

Mrs Schoeder took Virginia Mac's place with the idea it was only to be temporary but she is still working for Mr. Johnson.

I thank you for being so thoughtful as to remember my birthday and I'm not by any means too devoted to my accounting studies to write to you. As a matter of fact I always start things but lose interest before I ever finish.

As Always,