Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
6 July 1944

Dear Eleanor,

Say, what are you trying to do, make a match? First you refer me to Marion Kuehnle and then the new girl in the billing department. I think that Marion finally thought I might have had something to do with the letter she received from one of the fellows in my outfit. And, speaking of those letters, some of the fellows here have been taking down the names and addresses from my envelopes thinking to write some sort of fantastic letters home, so just in case you get any of these unsolicited letters, you will know the why and the wherefor of them.

We saw the picture "Song of Bernadette" last night at our theater area. Remember when you read the book away back in the old days after you had just joined the Book-of-the-Month Club? I liked the picture a great deal and am now sorry that I didn't read the book. As a result, I have sent a letter to my Aunt telling her to send the book to me, for it is still there in my library practically as new as the day I received it. Did you see the picture too? And how well did you like it compared to the book itself?

Now let's get a few things straightened out. First of all you write (and I quote) "Marie tell you she was married?" (I unquote). But after that you do not follow it up with something like "Well, she is", or "Well, she isn't". No, she has not written to me telling me that she was married. Is she? When did it happen and were you to her wedding if she had one?

Incidentally, how is your brother (the one who isn't "that one in Ft Ord, Calif)? Is he still in the Armored Forces?

It is too bad that things aren't going so smoothly back at Rathborne. I suppose it will never be the same old place again even after the war when some of the fellows get back. Esther Judy's going back to the sticks, however, won't be much of a loss. I think she will be happier there.

Right at this point this letter had a three hour interruption as we fellows had to clean up the office for an inspection tomorrow morning. Although our life on this island is rather good considering our barracks, running water, shows and all that, we pay for it by having more and better inspections which take up a considerable amount of our time which we otherwise would not have to give up if we were living as we did down in New Caledonia, in six-man pyramidal tents.

There is another thing I have to talk to you about. Many people have made the same mistake and that is on putting eight cent stamps on airmail overseas. Maybe I'm Scotch or something but I hate to see you do it when a six center is all that is required to service men.

In addition to this V-mail I'm sending another envelope to you by slow mail which you will most likely receive some time within three weeks after this.

By this time, you might have been able to tell that my mind wasn't in the letter writing groove this evening either but I'll try to make up for it by dropping you a little line sometime when I am. Okay?

Best wishes for health and happiness.

Yours,             Roman