Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
8 July 1944


"Dear Ro,

Received your letter today and was very glad to hear from you. By the way, congratulations, I see that you have been promoted. Gosh, Ro, I can't tell you how grand I think it is.

Now I have a lot of time so, I'm going to try to write more often. I haven't gotten a job as yet. I'm helping my mother with her spring house cleaning. I do all the washing and my dad does all the painting. Yesterday I washed the pantry and today my right side is very stiff and it hurts. I still have a lot of house work to do, before the day is done.

My girl friends are working at Sears in the office. They aren't making much, but the jobs are pleasant and a lot of fun. I think I'll go down there this coming Friday.

I haven't been anywhere as yet. It really doesn't feel like a vacation. It's been raining a whole week now. If the weather changes, we might go to St. Charles some Saturday. Some of my friends went there last week on a camping trip. They did a lot of canoeing. If we go, we will try to do the same.

I'm going to do a lot of reading this summer. My subjects next year are going to be tough. Chemistry, Math 3a, honor English, Social Science 3b and Gym. Isn't it funny here I've been out of school a week and a half and I'm planning about going back already.

I saw some good movies last week, "Pin Up Girl" and "See Here Private Hargrove". I enjoyed the last one more. By the way how are the movies coming out where you are?

I guess I'd better get back to my housework. So long for now and let me hear from you again.

As Always

P.S. I just noticed on the envelope which you sent, your APO No. I mailed a V-mail letter to you the day before yesterday and I put on a different APO. I guess that's why some of my letters take so long --- I've been using two numbers, 502 and 709.