Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
8 July 1944


"Dear Roman:

Your nice letter came last week and was read with pleasure. I am glad you are feeling well, but see you are busy.

So the snooty people live in South Berwyn? Well, I'll tame 'em down a bit when I get there. Any suggestions?

Yes, I think we are going to enjoy living there due to the fact we have a nice back yard and if you are a good boy when you come home, I shall let you play in the yard.

The tree has a lot of nice cherries on it this year and the people are getting them while we won't have any, I guess. I don't expect they will yield as good next year as I am told they bear fruit well every other year --- worse luck.

I am so anxious to get settled, we have been sitting in a mess for some time and it's about time we get there and begin to live like we should. It will be a little further for Myrtle to go to the bus, which won't be bad now but in the winter, brrrrrrrrr! We expect to move Saturday, the 8th of July. The Jackson Storage and Van Company will move us.

Lynne has a bad head cold and is not too well from it. The fan is going all day and half the night due to the fact it is as hot as (help yourself to any name you like but it really is that hot), A big wind and rain storm kicked up this afternoon, but did not cool the air one bit.

Myrtle and I were down to the Edison Company to see an exhibit of dolls. They surely were a nice group and very interesting. I'd like to see them again.

I'm going to talk to your Aunt Clara. What shall I tell her from you? What a question! No, I'm not entirely pixilated, merely touched in the head.

We are wondering what you are doing now, Roman. It is Sunday night, 10:10 PM. Tell us, if you can. It would be nice to know.

Myrt just washed her hair and I'm writing to you. Then after I call your Aunty Clara, I'm going to bed and count sheep. All day, we've been cleaning and rolling rugs. No joke, you can believe me.

Write when you can.

Love from all. Come and see us soon, please?


Mrs. Reed