Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM San Francisco, California
8 July 1944

Dear Uncle Jack,
Saturday Evening

I received your letter telling about the trip which you and Anna Stack made to the cemetery and how you stopped in for a few thirst quenchers at the Foxhead Tavern. I remember the place well since I was with you, Anna and Stack one time when you took a drive to the place for some purpose many years ago. Personally, I think I could join you wholeheartedly in such a "old time's sake" joust. It is like something pleasant to remember such as life before the war.

If you think a wind storm such as you had in Chicago was strong, you should have seen the one we had at one time during our tour of overseas duty. At some future date I'd like match you yarn for yarn about your wind and my wind. I found, at the time, that the easiest way to buck against it was to lay flat on the ground, helmet over the head facing the wind and rain. Of course, from your description, that Chicago affair wasn't such a piker affair either.

In reading over some of the Daily Newses which I had let accumulate on me over a three or four week period, I found some interesting items which were new to me and which I feel deserve a little mention in passing.

For one thing, I hope you purchased a copy of that book "My Greatest Day in Baseball". There were some mighty interesting baseball stories in that series and some which we saw in person or heard over the radio. In time to come, they will be nice to take off the bookcase shelf and browse through and provide the stimulant for an evening's conversation as to what were our "greatest baseball games".

Another thing which came as a distinct surprise to me was the Last Article of Westbrook Pegler in the Chicago Daily News with another article running right along side of it explaining why the News kicked him out. That is something when a split like that comes between a columnist and one of his subscribers and their fight appears in print side by side. Has any other paper in Chicago joined the ranks of Peglerites?

The election of Jerry Dolezal surprised me although not so very much. He has been campaigning for one political job after another all his life and I imagine he has it in mind to go up to the Town President or even district representative in Congress.

There are other things which I had on my mind to tell you about but they slipped my mind right now. On this side of the world things haven't changed very much since I last wrote. Our weather on this island never changes. It is always warm and rains once in a while. The inspections here have toned down to a mild roar and work details have hit a new high such as the entire company operating "Quick Way" shovels last night --- hand shovels in case you aren't hep to the Army slang. Tomorrow morning and afternoon three other fellows and myself expect to make a recreational tour of the island in a jeep but all we probably will see will be jungle, cocoanut trees and beeches.