Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
10 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

The movie is now over and here we all are, back in the office writing our late hour letters. I had great plans for writing quite a few letters this evening but I believe it will end by my writing this one and possible another one to Uncle Jack in answer to the ones I received from him today. That is bad since I owe a considerable number of letters at this time. However, my health needs mending and I want to try my best to get to bed at least by eleven o'clock this evening or but shortly thereafter. Whether that will come to pass or not is a matter of conjecture.

The movie was excellent and Laird Cregar had the most sinister face to be seen on the screen since Lon Chaney Jr in the "Wolf Man". Perhaps you saw the picture "The Lodger" for it was on the order of "Night Must Fall" in which some innocent people take in a murderer and the movie is built around his suspicious actions, news of his murderous doings, his eventual attempts at murdering the hostess and finally his demise in one form or another.

The afternoon at work didn't go at all as I expected it would for the Major decided he wanted a parking lot for vehicles made just outside the headquarters buildings and I guess you know who made them. Yes, it was Personnel and Headquarters once again pulling the battalion over the hump. I don't mind going out there at all for a person takes it easy in that hot sun and in the course of time can get whatever work is needing completion, done. In otherwords we raked a considerable area free from the larger sized rocks and sort of formed a boundary in which the cars can park. We were all out there and it would have been a good one had the Colonel tried to call up at that time and that time and hold on to a buzzing line in our office without receiving an answer. However, such misfortune did not occur.

The work I had to do never did get done on account of the morning interruptions and then the afternoon detail. It was that kind of work, this checking into the old morning reports, which required close supervision and just about five hours of work to finish which I didn't have. I can always do it tomorrow, I suppose, since it is mostly my idea and not required for me to do. That is the stage my work is in at the present time. The work I do now is work which I think ought to be done or work which I know will be called for at some later date and I'm just trying to get the jump on it by doing it now when and while I have the opportunity to do so.

We have already made plans for another outing next Sunday. It is hardly likely that we will be able to get any jeep so we are considering requisitioning one of those one and a half ton weapons carriers for next Sunday and taking about six or seven fellows from the office and go down to the other end of the island where we found a swell beach for swimming. By next Sunday my cold should be gone so I should be able to go swimming also. The ocean seems rather inviting and is rather mild. I've never yet gone swimming in salt water so have to find myself or borrow a swimming suit. This island has very few women on it compared to New Caledonia yet the island rule is that you can't go swimming without a bathing suit. Perhaps I told you that before but it still seems funny for in New Cal there were certain zones in the river for swimming; i.e., for the nurses, officers and enlisted men. I don't know how the other swam but the enlisted men didn't use swimming suits and no one seemed to mind that there.

The ten o'clock news in past and it seems as if the Russians are not only heading towards Berlin but are also making a gigantic pincer movement thru Kaunus and East Prussia to close off the Baltic States. Personally, I hope and I believe everyone else does too, that the Russians get to Berlin first. They'll wreck the joint good and proper.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman