Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
11 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

I was tired when I got up this morning. I was tired all day long and I am tired now but I must write some letters before I shall be free to go to bed for the evening. However, along with this tiredness, I lost my ambition and this letter being written after eight o'clock in the evening is the very first letter of the day. I intend and hope to write at least to two other people and perhaps even two more than two. We shall see how much time there will be for all that as the hours go by. I'm using the larger type this evening thinking that that will make the pages go by faster.

There were no letters at all today although I didn't lack for mail since the Daily News came thru on schedule and I received some four of them including a Saturday paper. They are always nice to get since the jokes are in them plus all the other extra sections. One thing that I didn't like was this final evidence of Lana Turner's split-up with her husband Steve Crane. It showed a picture of her with another fellow and her mother and a picture of him painting Hollywood red at the Mocambo. What in the world is wrong with that woman that she can't hold her husbands. That makes three husbands for her, doesn't it? When there are so many divorces or separations for one person you get to think that it is their fault and not just accidents or unfortunate occurrences.

The work today when along without much change. It was a lazy day with nothing much to do and nothing much done. However, I did find a lot of things I'll have to watch in the future and for that purpose I cut another stencil to keep closer check upon the morning reports.

The PX had a dozen Eversharp fountain pens on sale today but I didn't get any of them. Lewis came in and said they would go on sale at four-thirty so I was there, ready and waiting, at that time, but unfortunately, I discovered that they had been sold long before that. Then the PX men said that the office workers would always have preference in regard to that item for it is one of our tools for working and, therefore, we should have priority and had I come in and asked before they had sold them all, I would have been able to buy one. They are five dollar Eversharp pens being sold for a mere $2.69. But, that saved me money. As it is I have done enough spending of money in the last few days buying up fruit juices, mostly battery acid and torpedo (tomato) juice and candy. Today the PX had Mounds and Hersheys so I stocked up on quite a bit but as usual, when I have them on hand, I eat them right up and I think I'm down to about two, three or four bars. Well, I think I'll be able to keep off of them for the rest of the evening for I've eaten some five or six already this evening.

Since four-thirty I've been reading such things as magazines, Newsweek, Time and the Saturday Evening Post plus the Chicago Daily Newses. As a result I've been wearing my GI glasses until beginning to write this letter. I believe that they did help for usually after so much reading, my eyes are tired and a bit blurred and right now there are no seeming after effects.

Instead of going into the writing of the other letters after this one to you, I believe I will write the second letter right now so that in case I get tired I can drop whatever I'm doing and go to the barracks and sleep.

/s/ Roman