Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
12 July 1944

Hi Mary (and Red and Bobby too),

Thanks for the letter and birthday greetings. And all those wishings of good luck for me seems to be coming out alright for so far luck has been with me where ever I have gone.

Yes, I heard all about that trip of yours down to St Louis way and how you didn't stop in on the way back. That is the way it always is whenever any of you Milwaukee people go out any place. You people write to Aunty Clara who in turn tells me where and what your plans are. She told me how she was expecting you to come in and visit for a while and maybe even a day or so on the way back up but you never did come.

After this war is over, I'm going to buy myself one of these little jeeps for I like them a whole lot and have had a whale of a time running around in them on this island for the last few months. It will hardly be the type of car to take Aunty Clara up to Milwaukee in but there will be times that she will not care to go up and I will hop into it, throw a set of golf clubs, swimming trunks, tennis racket, bowling equipment et all that into the back seat and away I will go for the Germantown. Then the whole gang of us can enjoy a swell day of solid fun just as you say. I look forward to those days in the future quite often and many times I catch myself dreaming of doing those very things. You didn't come along that day Anita, Bill, Red and I went golfing but I believe you remember it. We went away out there to Lincoln Fields and had a swell time. I sure would like to play on that course again and then take a look around the rest of Milwaukee to see what the other golf courses are like.

One thing has struck me as being rather odd is that letters coming from home like yours, for instance, keep telling about how terribly warm it is back there; yet, we are very close to the Equator and in the real tropics of this world, and there is none of that intense heat such as is being experienced in both Chicago and Milwaukee. Right at this very time, approximately eleven o'clock at night, the air is decidedly cool while very seldom during the day does the heat become noticeable.

On the whole, our camp site is ideal. There are very few conveniences which we lack considering that we are thousands of miles from home and it is better than anything we had ever been led to expect previous to coming here.