Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
13 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

What an unproductive evening. I didn't do a thing yet and it is past ten-thirty. For one thing, I went to the barracks at four o'clock and went straight to sleep. Just after I said that I was going to do that, Sackett came up to me and wanted me to type something up for him. This time I decided to do something about it and asked Jack if he would do it instead which he did (and surprised me). So from four o'clock until about seven-thirty I was sound asleep. That was what I really called knocking off the snores. Along about seven-thirty I woke up to the Henry Aldrich program, then playing on the radio, and came up to the office where, full of inspiration, I decided to write a letter to Pat. The letter isn't written yet although I've been working on it ever since then. Somehow I'm not in the proper attitude for writing letters to other people this evening. One thing which I must definitely do, however, and that is to write a thank you note immediately to Senor Gonzalez for his birthday present and I think it is now time to acknowledge the present from the Klicks, for it is a little bit closer to the birthday now.

Mathis and Moreno went to the show at the Navy and saw "Get Hep to Love" which they say was terrific, featuring Donald O'Conner, Peggy Ryan, Gloria Jean and Jane Frazee. I believe I might go to the show this night at midnight if I still feel so unsleepy as now.

I put in for permission to use a weapons carrier this Sunday and it was none too soon for Captain Hanton okayed it saying that it was the only transportation that the Headquarters Section was going to get. It seems that a fellow by the name of Bellin in S-3 takes out a truck every Sunday and goes riding first, the whole party of us fellows wanting to go swimming at the beach up at the other end of the island would have to forget it.

Incidentally, I haven't had but one meal all day today and that was just a taster at noon. Because it rained this morning at Reveille, we weren't required to get up for that formation and slept straight thru breakfast. Then, as I said, I slept right straight through the evening meal also. What I should do is open up a can of sardines at this time, have a pickle and a few olives. The only trouble is that I don't feel hungry.

The PX gave away a can of Dutch cleanser and a jar of mechanics soap to every one today. We took it mainly to clean off our mess equipment for the inspections. That is another thing which I should have done and didn't do and that is clean my rifle for tomorrow's inspection at the Retreat Formation. I'll have to catch it at noon tomorrow. Those rifles are going to be worn out for the cleanings they have been getting rather than from use. At least in New Caledonia some of the fellows used to go out on hunting expeditions every week or on a three-day pass but here it is a different story for firing a rifle on trips like that isn't permitted as most of the wild boar is necessary for the natives to live on and is not to be wasted for soldiers' hunting pleasures.

Well, I just wasted an hour reading some papers and now it is too late to write any more letters. Let's hope that I get at them tomorrow for sure.

So-long,     Roman