Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
15 July 1944


"Hi Ro,

How goes it pal? I hope you're well and happy and not working too hard.

Speaking of work, this life I'm now loving is what I call perfect. Of course it would be more interesting if Bennie were home but at present I'm having the ideal summer. No fighting and arguing which way to turn the fan, just find the coolest spot and relax.

Was Marie's marriage a big surprise to you as it was to me? She is a gal that can keep secrets or either a fast worker. I would have liked to seen the wedding Mass but just couldn't make it on account of Donna's bath etc. From what I heard of it she made a gorgeous bride.

Marvin left us last Monday for Oregon. He thought being out of doors would do him more good and decided to try working as a lumber jack. Up to date all we have received was a card he dropped off on a stop-over in Salt Lake City, Utah. So we don't know how he made out as yet.

My little daughter sure is growing to be a beautiful child, brag. She was five months old yesterday. I might as well inform you of her progress. She has become quite a vegetarian. Her two o'clock feeding is part vegetables. She eats peas, spinach, carrots, and string beans. She eats ¾ cup of serial at her six o'clock feeding. Instead of two teaspoons of juice she gets seven but the usual two drops of vitamins.

Donna sucks not her thumb but two fingers on her right hand. Her feet are of interest to her now as they are hanging over her face constantly. She is forever smiling or laughing and loves attention (like all women). If by luck I ever manage to get a roll of film I'll send you a snap of her, but as things are going new film are as scarce as men.

This is all for now, sorry I couldn't type instead of scribble but the babe is sleeping & so is my dad. Until next time so-long.

Every once in a while I hear that fellow that sings hill-billy songs that you used to imitate. I don't know his name but when I hear him I think of you.

As Ever,

ED NOTE: Comments on this letter will follow in my next one.