Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
15 July 1944

Hi Dolores,

Everything is going swell, pal, and thanks a million for your letter. Marie's getting married was most definitely a surprise and the first casual hint that I got of it almost knocked me off my feet. Eleanor asked me, "Did Marie tell you she was married?" or something on that order. She must be a whiz at keeping secrets for didn't you tell us she surprised you too when she pulled out a cigarette case one day and started smoking? However, I believe she will do alright as a wife and most likely will fit in perfectly with the other Bohemian wives doing the shopping down 22nd Street. It is too bad that you couldn't go to the wedding. I imagine that a description of it would provide quite an interesting page. Say, come to think of it, I don't even know her husband's last name. Is it something like Kolar?

By the way, does the name Vincent Cristallo sound familiar to you? He is a new fellow in the company and comes from Berwyn way near Ogden and Harlem. His nickname is Jimmy and after meeting him and talking about the old places in the home towns, he tells me he was quite a fixture at the Melody Mill. Naturally, that led to questions and before long I discovered he knew old man Lejcar plus Bennie plus Jimmy and Clarence. And, to top it off, he knows you, saw you early this year when he was home on furlough, says you looked good and further states that he met you at a street dance in Berwyn when they opened up the 6300 block! Yet, in spite of all that, he says that you probably wouldn't recognize his name for no one calls him that. He is a very short fellow, not skinny and has curly black hair. Small world, isn't it? He was very much surprised to hear that you were now busy at the job of being a mother.

Now for some news about someone you do know --- Miss Kuehnle. Just for a joke, I gave her address to a fellow who then wrote her a line about finding her picture and address in a foxhole and would like another picture and letters from her. She answered immediately but without a picture. After some puzzling, she must have smelled a rat and asked Eleanor for my address (she only had the old 353rd address) and then wrote me a letter trying to find out if I know this fellow. Still pulling the wool over her eyes, I asked her (in an immediate answer letter) right back if he was an old time friend of hers saying that I didn't know him but would look him up (you know, a friend of yours is a friend of mine). What she is going to do now is beyond me, but personally, and not being insulting to Marion, I think she is as slap-happy as ever.

Your Uncle Marvin has quite a head on him. Any man, who chooses the state of Oregon to go to for work, is a smart fellow. The weather is good, the towns are nice and the lumber business thrives out that way. (Ah, a possibility for a box business). I wonder if he will pass through any of the places I was stationed near such as Medford, Grant's Pass, Ashland or Klamath Falls? I'd like to go back there after the war to live at least part of the year either on business or pleasure.

By the way, I'm writing my Aunt a letter this evening asking her if she has any film left. We had a whole shoe box of film for the little box camera for the days when I was in the States but never got to use it all up. Aunty Clara tried to take pictures from time to time but most always drew blanks. If there are any left, I'll have her mail some to you for you are an expert photog from way back and will not take blank pictures. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that she has one roll at least and then there will be some pictures of Donna. I enjoyed the description of the antics of your now almost six-month old daughter.

So-long for a while,