Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
17 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Two letter arrived in this morning's mail. Both of them were from you one being dated the 7th of July and the other the 9th. Gee, you weren't kidding when you said that it would take you the year around to do your spring cleaning. Here it is half way thru the summer and you are still at it. Perhaps that is the best way though for to do it all at one time upsets the entire house and is too tiring for the results.

We are going to have Bing Crosby's picture "Going My Way" here at our 1177th Engineer theater on the 24th of July! It seems that lately we are having the same run of films the Villas has --- strictly a second rate outfit.

Well, another twelve hours has passed away never to come back again, thank goodness. That brings home just that many hours closer. The routine of this island is finally dragging just like New Caledonia did for a while last summer/winter. As much as I hate the inconvenience of moving, I wish we could keep on the go more often for the time then has the tendency to fly by on wings. And the faster that time goes by, the nearer we will be to the end of this miserable business.

By the way, Jack M says he was reading in the paper about a new type of insurance bonus being planned for the veterans. I sure hope they put something like that across for, according to him, it consists of giving all the Pre-Pearl Harbor fellows $100 per month for every month in the army up to that time, then $150 for every month in the states since Pearl Harbor and $300 per month for every one spent overseas with the limit of $7500 insurance. Just think, Aunty Clara, that would rid a person of any worries over an insurance policy for the rest of his days. Another beautiful feature of it is that a person could borrow up to about $5000 on it which, coupled with the $4000 loan made possible by the GI Bill of Rights and say a probable $3000 cash on hand would be enough to set one up excellently in a business. If that insurance proposition would go through, Jack would already have the limit and I would have about $5100 towards the limit. Next thing they will be doing will be to guarantee each and every enlisted man and officer up to the rank of Captain a lot, a home and a car. The GI Bill of Rights was the first tangible evidence of good faith on the part of the Congress back home to compensate the veteran for the years spent in the Army and I'm hoping that it won't be the last. Those will be the days when a person can really enjoy having been a soldier --- that is, after it is all over and a person is being recompensed as a civilian.

There is a mass meeting of the company this evening at quarter to six. Just what it is for I don't know but someone said it was merely to be a police call. If that is all it is, it will be over in half an hour. Of course, it may be some bright work idea which H&S Company usually tries to pull on a show night. However, we have them licked this evening because we have seen the show "It Happened Tomorrow" although I would like to see it again for it was rather good.

True to my word, for a change, I mailed Pat a six page letter. The pages were half pages formed from folding three sheets of GI second sheets into book form and then stapling them together. It wasn't much of a letter and in fact it was pretty punk but at least I wrote something. I'd just like to talk about anything and everything in my letters to her and try my best to swing the conversation along those lines but it is pretty impossible unless a near miracle happens.

The noon hour is closing in on my time for writing so I'll have to quit. Of course, the one o'clock news is always a must --- we must be Orientated, you know. I hope that we hear news of the Russians destroying Germany brick by brick.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman