Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
17 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

This Army is getting to be one grand police call. In the morning, at six-thirty, there is police call number one. At quarter to six this evening there was police call number two and tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock the headquarters section is going to have its own police call. O well, every little bit picked up is one less to go and one moment less we must serve on our duration sentence. Every second that goes by is one more second gone --- I can feel that beat of time constantly lately and I'm beginning to appreciate Molyneaux when he tells me how he has been of that same mind from March 1941.

The afternoon mail brought an unexpected delivery of two V-mails. One was from you dated the 10th of July and the other was from Anita. Lately I haven't been using the bowl for mixing milk since I've only had occasion to fix up one canteen cup full and I can do that with my own cup and the egg beater. Last night, however, I was disappointed for I opened up a can of Golden Crown prepared milk, used a good heaping tablespoon of chocolate malt and mixed the whole affair up. It mixed like a charm but the taste was awful. So awful that I found it impossible to drink any of it and threw the whole thing away. I think it was the water that would be awful if the powders were going sour. A new shipment of jungle rations has come in unexpectedly so our stocks will be replenished and they were really running low.

I haven't sent the answers to either my Dad or to Senor Gonzalez for I realized that it would still be a long time ahead of my birthday, this way, by sending them just before my birthday, it will make them feel that the cards arrived very appropriately just a few days before the day. By the way, Aunty Clara, when you say that you have given my Dad the two money orders which they sent to me, you didn't mean that did you? They were endorsed to you, my Dad gave you the money, didn't he?

This island is devoid of dolls as near as I can gather from the fellows who have gone to the native villages. Perhaps our next island will have a doll or two on it which I can pick up and send out to Myrtle at least even if Pat doesn't save them. I would like to get one at every stop and then Myrtle could sort of have the Roman Klick travels as represented in dolls. There was one swell carved wood statue down in New Cal of one of the typical natives with bushy hair that I would have liked to get but they were exorbitantly priced and then when I did want to get one, there weren't any more left.

Norona sidetracked me on my letter writing this evening and wanted to redeem his honor by skunking me in a game of chess. The result was the same as the other day. He is too deliberate and, thus far, I've been able to see thru any plan he might have had and could counter it with a single move. H wanted to play additional games but I told him that one a night was enough.

The radio theater (sans the Lux advertisement) was on this evening and guess what it was? Penny Serenade and here I just saw the picture the last week at the midnight show. Joe Cotton took the part of Cary Grant in the radio version of the story. The radio story didn't compare at all with the screen play.

Mathis and I are going to send in for our presidential election ballots tonight. I hope we get them in time to cast the vote. Tell me how the members of our family think about the election --- Roosevelt of New York or Dewey of New York? I'd like to see what Roosevelt has in store for America but I also think that he has been in office four (twelve) years too long already. What do you think about the situation? Dewey has something there when he mentions that the New Deal had to have a war to get us out of the Depression and a new administration ought to be in there when the war is over and we have to operate on a peace time economy once again.

/s/ Roman