Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
17 July 1944


"Hiya Romeo

Hope you still remember me and if you don't I for one don't blame you. From now on I will try to write you regularly although I know you receive plenty of letters. You know, if we could turn back the clock 10 yrs. you and I would now be swimming at Cermak Park or bike riding. I guess I must be getting old because I find myself reminiscing so often and that is a sure sign. It was fun though and its fun to remember. Its nice to know that you are now able to get Coca Cola although we were under the impression that was one thing all of you boys got plenty of. Poor George gets none of it. Mother will be in Chi soon with Aunty Clara for a week or so, it seems every time I write someone is either there or on the way back. We still haven't been able to move and I'm up a tree all the time. Bill is very anxious to get in our home there is so much to be done and he must be so careful. He walks beautifully now and he's working again. He can never bend, but he's so happy to be alive I guess he doesn't mind. He can't swim or play any games for two years but we don't mind. Someday I'd like to see your Island too, but I can understand why you've seen enough of it. Do you think you might get a furlough soon? Lots of the boys are coming home from different places. I hope you will be too. Since you'll had experience now as a construction engineer why you can have a job helping us fix up our house huh? Well, so long, Roman, and I hope we see you soon.