20 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Since I wrote a letter to the Klicks with this new pen, I might as well handwrite you one to show you just how it writes. I'm under quite a bit of difficulty, though, because Lewis, Grauel and Mathis are all moving around until now I just had to move to another corner of the room where they aren't. The improvement in the handwriting isn't very much and, as I mentioned to the Klicks, I'm trying not to press down with this pen as I am in the habit of doing. Here is the real story behind the pen. At the last minute today the boys told me that Col. Wigderson of the PX had come into the office, while I was down in the Orderly Room, and given all the office workers an "inside tip" on the pens. I guess just about everyone went out to buy one and it was only sheer luck that this time there was one pen left when I walked in.

I didn't have the price for it at all and had to borrow the money from Lewis. They cost $4.55 and are listed as Schaeffer's Lifetime Vigilante pen to retail at $8.75, which, if true, represents quite a saving to the ordinary GI. Do you think that I did okay? And from what you know of the pen, do you think it is a good one?

In time I imagine that I will handle it less delicately than at present but right now I'm very careful with it. It is a "Fine" writing pen.

The show this evening at the Navy is "Du Barry Was A Lady" and from the number of people hanging around the office this evening, I think I should have gone to the show instead of remaining in here, trying to write letters.

I reckon that one page of this heavy paper will be sufficient for an Air Mail letter.

/s/ Roman