Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
23 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Here is a brief commentary and a few scattered excerpts from Blumenfeld's letter.

One principle point he discusses is that I've answered his letters too fast and that in addition to being lazy, he purposely allowed his letter back to me to be delayed to give him a breathing spell.

"I think I've let your last letter incubate enough. You answered my previous letters as soon after receipt that in self-defense I've held on to this letter for a while before answering."

He discusses a USO show held in Caledonia, mentions he has another stripe and asks whether I'm a buck or a tech sgt. Then he tells me about him getting some of his nationality's favorite food --- Kosher hard sausage and has enjoyed it very much. In line with that, Mathis asked me today when I was going to get some calbassi sausage from home, thinking that I was the type to go in for that stuff. Also incidentally, Mathis is from one of the few German families now remaining in the Polish neighborhood of Back of the Yards. Just to have fun ribbing each other I take the stand for the Polacks and he for the Heinies, but when it came to knowing anything about those Polish people, he has me beat by a mile, even to talking like the Back of the Yards Polacks.

Again Blumenfeld writes of something which I haven't doing to his letters. "I've been writing Anne about our correspondence and decided to send your letters to her. I promised her I would let her 'see' my letters to you so I'm typing this in Dup on V-mail. You might have in mind that your letters are going to her and if you feel bold enough, drop her a line in your letters to me. Of course, if you prefer that your letters not go thru channels to my War Dept. just let me know. That is your privilege."

From there he goes on to a discussion of the world war II and then. "Ro, I promise you that you shall gaze upon the lovely countenance of my little Annie after the war is over, even if I have to go to see you. If necessary I shall beard the coy one in his den in Cicero." His wife is beautiful as I have probably told you and he is not one to say less.

Also, "Do I ever see Charley Matcha? He works about fifteen feet away from me. I have read your letter to him and he has read your latest letter to him".

He closes with "Am expecting some snaps from Anne soon. If they are O.K. for publication will have her send you one. How's that? Au Revoir, Guy. Wait a week before answering and I'll answer within a week. Is that a deal?"

Seems now I'll add a married women's picture to my collection and have it given to me by her husband!

/s/ Roman