Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
24 July 1944

Somewhere on Guadalcanal

Dear Aunty Lilly and Uncle Leo,

Hello and how are you? Thank you very much for the nice birthday card and the birthday present of two dollars. It was nice to hear from you once again even though it was only by card.

How are things back home anyway? What do you do during the summer months? Where do you go? I suppose that you, my Dad and Rosana still get together every once in a while. And what about Dorothy, I never hear how she is doing any more. Does she still live on Moody Avenue? And is Ed in the Army or not? The next time Dorothy drops around or you go to see her, please say hello to her and Ed for me, will you? Thanks.

Things have been going so-so here on the Island, outside of not having many people and towns as New Caledonia, things are just about the same as ever. The climate on Guadalcanal continues to be much better than it was in New Caledonia despite the fact that we are much closer to the Equator. Another difference is in our quarters and offices. In New Cal we lived and worked in framed tents while here we have a tropical style of barracks.

The monotony of life is not noticed since almost every available minute is spent in doing something. A person is either working, eating, standing inspections, riding around the Island, going to the show or writing letters. Yet, in spite of all our diversions, home looks mighty good and I don't think the fellows are going to refuse going home for the privilege of staying on this South Sea coconut studded paradise.

In fact, for the longest while I was very pessimistic about the length of the war but in light of current events, it seems that one is warranted in becoming a bit optimistic and looking for an end to this thing sometime within the next two years.

Thanks once again for your well wishes and your remembrance on my birthday. So until I hear from you, the best of health and luck to you all.