Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
26 July 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,
Wednesday, Guadalcanal

It is almost ten o'clock and we have just now returned from the picture "Rationing". There were a lot of assorted shorts which went with the picture, thus prolonging it to this late hour. It is just like back home. You and Aunty Florence would rush off to the show right after the dishes and sometimes would come back before nine o'clock and still have a large share of the evening left. Other times the show would be long and it wouldn't be until ten or maybe even after that when you would come back and by that time there would only be enough of the evening left to make lunches, drink some coffee and go to bed. It seems that this is again, the only letter I'm going to write this evening. It is unfortunate that such is the case for I do have to write quite a few to other people and especially to Blumenfeld for sending me that bracelet so promptly.

I told you that I had already given the mail clerk my money order slips to take to the post office and bring back the money order so that I could send it to Robbie this evening along with the letter but Jack M took care of the mail situation this afternoon and after I asked him to be sure to take care of it while we were eating lunch, he goes ahead and forgets it anyway. Perhaps it is a good thing for I wouldn't have written anyway.

At four o'clock I had to go down to the barracks and straighten out my foot locker and put the returned laundry away. After supper and before the show, we were all busy in the barracks cleaning our rifles, etcetera for a general display for tomorrow's inspection. I did clean my rifle although I left the mess kit until after breakfast tomorrow.

The moccasins went on immediately after work but came off just before show time because with so many people walking around the show area and the wetness of the ground caused by the rain every so often during the day made things a bit too muddy for them there.

Going back to that picture "Rationing". It had a dull start but we got into the spirit of the picture along about the middle of it and roared with laughter at the comedy team formed by Wallace Berry and that hatchet-faced Iris. Of course, I admit the rationing business was overdone and the plot wasn't so exceptional but the dialogue between those two characters was something worth seeing. There was a short featuring Helen O'Connell, the singer, which had possibilities of turning out to be a rather good skit but she selected some unknown songs that didn't go over so very well.

The afternoon's mail delivery brought one more V-mail for me from you and it was dated 18 July. In it you explain that the Fair store sent the card saying that you could pick up the watch. In the letter of the 19th when you were already speaking of it, I was thinking that perhaps you had mentioned something further concerning it in a letter I hadn't received as yet. By the way, are your V-mails coming with a sort of oval opening at the address part instead of the squarish window? That is the kind we have been getting for the last few days.

The time now is about ten-fifteen and I think I'll finish this letter, take my book "Song of Bernadette" and read myself either to sleep or until the lights go out. That is one thing which I am going to enjoy coming home to and that is having that bed lamp over my bed and a book in my hands for about fifteen or thirty minutes every evening before finally dozing off.

Tomorrow should be a busy day for me after several days of relative inactivity for I am definitely going to start on the Officer Pay Vouchers and I also promised a couple of fellows that I would type up their Warrant Officer applications for them. It is funny how the old fellows will still come to me for stuff like that although they know I'm not the company clerk any longer. Anything reasonable, I do for them as you would do anything for old friends.

I believe I will wait until Sunday or thereabouts to send out the bracelet to Pat.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman