Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
28 July 1944

Dear Aunt-Aunt,
Friday Night, Somewhere on Guadalcanal

Hello there, Aunt-Aunt. Thank you very much for the letter and the dollar bill which arrived safely once again. Best of all it arrived just the morning after my birthday.

Gosh, I'll say that your boss kept you pretty busy leaving all those girls take off all at once and even though I've never worked in a store or a nut shop, I can well imagine that the customers had you going. In fact the way he kept thinking up new ideas on how it could be worse, reminded me of the army and some of the things they cook up.

I also received Renee's letter enclosed in yours and I rather like getting letters from her so please don't throw any of them into the river. In time she will become a regular letter writer if she keeps it up writing to everyone like that.

I wish too that next year sees us all together once again and I would like nothing better than to come up to Milwaukee with Aunty Clara (and Aunty Florence if we could persuade her to come along) and have a regular reunion party in Anita and Bill's new home. By the way, is their new house near their old one on Center Street or nearer your neighborhood?

By the way, the guessing is over now and you can see from the heading at the top of this letter that we are on Guadalcanal. Perhaps Aunty Clara told you but I didn't know whether you knew that or not. That is all we are allowed to say but I don't know as if there is any more one could say about any of these islands in the Pacific. The more a person looks at the maps of this South Pacific and all other Pacific areas, the more one wonders at the seemingly limitless number of islands in this ocean. That is nothing at all like the practically islandless North Atlantic and also practically islandless South Atlantic too with few exceptions.

Did you finally get to go to Cicero for a few days vacation? If you follow the usual procedure of your Cicero visits, Aunty Clara will provide enough "inspiration" for you to drop me another line before you even receive this letter. In fact, I already look forward to receiving a letter from you every time that you are going there for a visit.

Please say hello to everyone for me, will you? And good luck, health and happiness for the war years and beyond.