Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
28 July 1944

Dear Mrs Reed.
Friday on Guadalcanal

Little did I realize that my slight delay in answering your letter was going to prolong itself into several weeks. Thanks a lot for waiting so long for an answer. You have my humblest apologies.

Say, that new place of yours is kind of hard and long to get to from our house, isn't it? Now I've promised Aunty Clara that I'm going to get a job or have a business in Cicero so that any time she has to go over to see you, she can call me up and I will hop into my car (which I am going to buy after the war), pick her up at the house and bring her over to South Berwyn.

But by that time, perhaps, you and Myrtle might have a car in your garage to gadabout in and relieve the transportation system and inconvenience. The more I think about that West Town's Transportation System, the more I get peeved about it. Those street cars and busses just don't cooperate with each other at all and, in fact, they seem purposely plotting to "just miss" each other at the main intersections.

You asked about the time situation between Chicago and these parts. Frankly, it is confusing. When I was down in New Cal, I had it pretty well figured out just what Aunty Clara was doing to corresponding times over here but since coming to Guadalcanal, I haven't learned whether or not we have the same time as New Cal has. I think it is something like this: when it is 6:00 in the evening in Cicero, it is 10:00 in the morning of the next day. According to that rough figuring, it should be Monday afternoon here when it is Sunday evening back home. I promised Aunty Clara at one time I would send her a little wheel by which she could tell the time between here and there at any hour of the day, but I never did get around to making it.

I suppose that now you have moved into the new house, you are busy night and day with the house cleaning, eh? Or did the people who left clean it all up for you? That would be impossible according to the standards of people in these times.

Nothing much has happened here in the world's wilderness except that for the last two Sunday's we have been riding up and down the island seeing what we can see but after a few miles of coconut trees, beaches and blue sky, you have seen it all.

That will be all for this time but before I close I want to tell you that it is impossible for me to come to see you in the near future so I am extending my invitation to you to come and visit me.