Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
6 August 1944


Dear Roman:

Now it is my time to extend apologies for not answering sooner but, on my word of honor, I just haven't had time. This is the first time on two and one-half weeks that I've had my work all caught up, so I'm feeling rather proud of myself. The other gal, in the department, has been on vacation and I've had to do her work as well as my own which resulted in my being swamped with work.

Yes, we have moved (it will be three weeks this Saturday) and we like it very much. We get most of our mail at the house although some of it still comes to the post office. We haven't got around to telling everyone our new address but, given a little time, we will. Anyhow, you can address your next letter to our new number.

We still aren't settled. All the stuff is piled in the Living Room and Dining Room while we are waiting for the Bedroom floors to dry. They were sanded the other day and they really look very nice. The Sanders are coming back tomorrow to help move everything into the Bedrooms and then they are going to do the Living Room and Dining Room floors. So, we should be pretty well settled by the middle of next week or so.

Your Aunt Clara and Rena were over yesterday. Mother had a nice visit with them and showed them the house. The only thing they didn't see was the attic and that was due to the fact that the attic door opens into my Bedroom and the floors were still a little sticky yesterday.

One thing we miss is the good ice cream soda and sundaes we got in the old neighborhood. We've tried the popular hangout "Sugar Bowl" and the sodas were the worst we ever had. We tried the drug store and that wasn't any better. I can see where we are going to get our girlish figgers once again.

Lately, most of my reading has been confined (and I mean confined) to "Lil Abner" and "Fearless Fosdick". If I say so myself, I think I have confined my reading to the very highest bracket. Ahem!

It's twelve o'clock and time to go and have lunch. How about coming along? And where would you like to eat? And what? No, I haven't really gone nuts, just a little off the beam.

I just called the Weather Bureau and they said it was 80 and that it was going as high as 84. That sounds as though it may be nice outside. It was quite cool this morning so I wore a coat and from the sound of the weather, I guess I'll be carrying it home. That's what I usually do.

Well, Romeo, it's really about time to go so I'll say "By for now and write soon".

P.S. I'll reserve a swing for you!