Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
6 August 1944


Dear Roman:

Hello. If anything happens to this beautiful pen I'm going to go out and celebrate.

Esther Judy and I are on our vacation and today the temperature is down in the fifties. So far we have had a swell time. It is near Barabou Wisconsin. Oh this pen would you mind very much if I finished it in pencil. Your letters are always just perfect but I'm not that good.

Mary Kuehnle is probably wise to your little joke, because unfortunately I gave her your address before I knew what you have done. She had been rather interested in you all day and I thought I was doing a good deed by giving it to her. I agree with you tho she wouldn't be a good match for you. The last day I was at work she and Beatrice Ott had it out.

It was a very childish argument. To begin with they had a farewell party for Esther and Saturday afternoon, Grace was the one that gave it, and she didn't want everybody to come. Therefore the notice didn't go on the bulletin board until two days before the party.

So Lee and some of those that don't like Grace were dead set against going. About ten of those girls including Emma, Gladys and the two Helens got together and bought a corsage for Esther. Mary wasn't included so she got mad. Just think of the money she saved.

First the pen wouldn't write and now the lead keeps breaking off.

Don't let anybody tell you there aren't any men around summer resorts. Why only yesterday Esther and I played croquet with a man with only one arm and in the evening we played cards with a man that probably had a stroke - he was paralyzed on one side. Seriously tho they were both nice. The last one was very cute in everything he did.

I'm sorry that you didn't know about Marie's wedding before. I had presumed that she herself had mentioned it. I really don't know what to say about the marriage itself. She doesn't look happy and from what she has to say about it the work she doesn't have to do. The name is Tobin, Ben Tobin, he'll probably put her in her grave before long. The wedding itself was beautiful. She made a very beautiful bride and I shouldn't voice my opinion as to what I think of marriage.

Gary was in the other day and helped Rathborne's fifth war loan drive by buying a $125.00 bond. And Bob Garrett was in for the first time about a week ago. He still looks the same. I doubt very much if he has gained any weight. And the other visitor was Dan Holenshade. There is a man that looks awful. The death of his son really shows on him. Thin and what not.

Mrs. Schoeder had been working in the Sales Dept in place of Virginia. They just took her right out one day and put in a snippy punk from the Otts neighborhood. She probably is a nice kid but, in my estimation, anybody that is a friend of Mary should be shot. Mary really was a nice little kid before a couple of them filled her with the idea she does too much work. She is not only snippy to me but also to Roy.

ELEANOR'S LETTER CONTINUED - my bad typing plus her hurried writing add up to make this retype job pretty bad but I try to type these letters exactly as I receive them including the mis-spelling of the words etcetera and the result is that I'm having just as hard of a job as someone would have trying to copy one of my typewritten ones (the hastily typed kind).

He brings some of that on himself but after all he is the head of the department and deserves some respect. I want so very much to leave there but Mr Hackbarth keeps talking me out of it. At least he thinks he does. He has been very kind to me, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would hurt him. Help is pretty hard to get but not as hard as that anybody is irreplaceable. That is the main trouble at Rathborne. Too many of them think that. I'm Roy's assistant. I don't remember if I ever told you that I help take the figures off and get the statements ready. Well, I do. But I'm saving it all for you including your name on the stapler or should I say in it.

That definitely is enough griping about the Acct Dept. As long as I'm so cold and couldn't find a decent pen to write with I better quit.

If this vacation gets any more exciting I'll write and tell you about it.



P.S. I noticed you are a sergeant even If you didn't tell me.

In this letter Eleanor enclosed the little Dear Diary cartoon about the V-mail.