Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
8 August 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

I had better get busy answering some letters soon or else I'm going to have a worse backlog of unanswered letters than I have had in quite a long time. Today I received two letters from you dated the 31st of July and the 1st of August. And then two V-mails from Uncle Jack, one V-mail from Jerry Barta and one "free" mail from Bob Boyer.

Jerry is working at Sears too although he probably doesn't even know Pat works there. It also could be that both of them work at different places because there are the different stores plus the different plants. He is anticipating going into the Merchant Marine after his last half year of school this coming Fall Term. What we laughed and joked about is becoming true. Before this war is over, he is going to be in it along with everyone else even though he was my very young boyfriend when all this hullabulloo began.

I'm a good one, here I am yelling my fool head off about Pat not answering my letters for so long and then I allow almost a week to go by since receiving one from her and haven't answered it yet. You mentioned the picture "Cover Girl". It is supposed to be somewhere on the island but it isn't on our schedule for this month at all.

I would like to write a lot of letters this evening but how can I let such a good picture as "Moonlight in Vermont" go by with Gloria Jean (Donald O'Connor's movie girlfriend) in it.

Oh, by the way, the OPVs are finally done. I completed the last one just before going to eat this noon hour. This afternoon, I hope to check them to see if I made any errors typographically or otherwise and we can accomplish the signing of them this evening. That doesn't mean that my work is done by a long shot although one of the burdensome problems is now out of the way. The medics are still unofficially part of my job so I'll have to do their payroll. Fortunately, however, there are only a few men in that detachment and it takes just about a half an hour to finish it. When that is finished, there are rosters to be typed up, files to be brought up to date and then work begun on really understanding the new Morning Report Form which will be coming out any day now.

I ate excellently this noon after fasting on just one sardine sandwich (with two slices of bread covering four sardines) since yesterday noon. In fact most all of us fellows did the same thing with the exception that only two other fellows shared the sardines.

Other news is that we are getting three bottles of Coca-Cola today. And, speaking of Coca-Cola, Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna acted out a skit in which Bob was head of the Pepsicola company while Colonna was head of the Cocacola company. They pass each other and say "Hello" then each burps. They come back to the mike and Bob Hope burps once more and says "Bigger bottle".

And can you imagine this, Jack and I were requested or ordered to come into the Orderly Room to sign the payroll! That is the first time in our military lives which we had someone directing our signing of it and it was very unusual. For the first thing, being Company Clerks and in charge of our own payrolls, there was no questioning as to our signing it either immediately after finishing it or just before turning it in. This time Leishman took it down to the Orderly Room before the fellows in the office had signed it and Spinella called us up and we had to go down there, The Changing World, eh?

For some singular reason my letters lately seem to be lacking in conversation. Can the well be running dry? That would be impossible to think that I would run out of something to say after twenty-odd years of incessant babbling, raving, talking and dreaming on and on about just anything and everything.

Oh, another thing, is that in the future, I'll be careful to type all the slow and free mail I send to you --- that is, at least the outside envelopes so that in case you want to send me something, you can type out a request. But tell me, do you want me to use the small or large type? I forget now just what size of type my Woodstock typewriter has.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman