Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
9 August 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

That picture "Around the World" was not so terribly good that I couldn't have missed it. In fact, I wish that I had not gone to it at all. First of all the generator broke down which supplies the lights for the movies and we had to wait in the dark an excessively long time before the movie began. Then when it did come on, we had the usual gauntlet of short subject to go thru before reaching the main movie. But the worst part of it was that we saw several of those shorts for the second and third times. They do become rather dull after so many reshowings. From now on the only shows I am going to go to see are those which have been especially recommended as extra good shows or which feature stars who are my favorites. I most likely will not keep that promise but it wouldn't hurt me if I had some sort of resolution such as that for it might keep me from going to all the mediocre films.

After the working hours were thru this afternoon, and during the short interim between supper and the movie, I began reading a light paper bound book in the library about a secretary falling in love with her boss and finally marrying him. I'm surprised at myself for picking up such trash and reading it but that actually came out of our Battalion Library which is in the mail room where I was helping sort out mail this after noon but when I didn't receive any mail I did the next best thing and looked thru the books.

The library is being moved down to B Company and Lt Suiter says it is a good thing for it had been keeping his clerks from working and giving their all. He said that when he came in the mail room and saw me reading the book. However, my work was all caught up and that was okay then. At least it was caught up as far as the major projects are and were concerned. No one expects a person to begin working on a big job during the last thirty or twenty minutes of the day and there was nothing which I could have done to fill in that time better, in my estimation, than read something. In fact, the entire office sort of slowed down ahead of time today with at least twelve men and two officers feeling the lag by scanning thru magazines and books. It happens that way once in a while, you know.

They sold ice cold beer today but I renounced all possible claims which I may have had on my share. First of all, I am in no financial condition to spend twenty cents each day on beer in addition to money on candy at the PX. Then too, it is not a necessity with me and at present I have no avid taste for it. The fact of the matter is I did spend a good deal of money today as it was since I bought quite a few candy bars and boxes of cookies at the PX in addition to treating myself to a long needed haircut. However, the haircut was another of those trim jobs and two weeks from now I'll be needing another. Getting hair cuts at the rate of at least one each month since being on this island is breaking all records as far as I'm concerned and I'm wondering if on return home I will continue that fine record. I hope so and think I will keep the hair trimmed from now on instead of letting it bush out. After all with the clothes I intend to buy, I'll have to have the haircut to go with it. Also there is that matter of shaving and the "beard" looked mighty long today and I'm wondering just when this once a week business is going to begin.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman