Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
22 August 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Boy o boy, the mail sure did come in this morning with the promise of an equal amount for this afternoon but do you think I got any of it, well I did get four Daily Newses, that's the trouble when a person's mail comes in regular as clockwork, when the heavy mail comes in, it is no different than an ordinary mail day. Anyhow, Lynd, Molyneaux and Howton went in for the mail in a jeep but had to come back with only a part of the total load while they sent out a 2 ½ ton truck to pick up the remaining bags. We worked for about an hour and a half sorting out that mail so you can see what a job it really was. That is but a sample of what the mail situation is going to be like when the unrequested mail comes in after September 15th.

The Jack Benny show has been moved up a day so that I am not CQ on the day it comes in this vicinity and I will be able to go and see it after all. It's funny though that after the Bob Hope show was so disappointing, I'm not so overly anxious to go see Jack Benny and his bunch for fear that the same thing will occur. Perhaps these big shots think that all they have to do is stand up there on the stage and say, "I'm so-and-so and you ought to appreciate being able to see me up here". The little shots, on the other hand, really work to get the laughs out of the crowd and do a bang-up job of entertaining.

The latest set of Army Special Services books came in and I'm reserving time in the future so that I can read them. One or two of them, that is, not all of the set although they are quite good. The ones I'm thinking about reading are Jane Eyre because I just saw the picture and the other is Victory or something like that by Joseph Conrad. Almost everything Joseph Conrad writes is good. He is the fellow who wrote English stories after being a thorough-going Polack until he was twenty and began sailing the high seas. That gigantic book I have in my book case is all of stories by him and in a way I've been trying to keep from reading any of his works since being in the army for I'd like that book to last me for years into the future. I have had occasion now and then to pick up small short stories of his but I never would read them. That is one of the things about picking out an author of a limited number of works who is now dead. Once you read them it is all over with. Galsworthy on the other hand wrote so voluminously after he got started that it would take quite a lot of reading just to go through all his stuff and at the rate I'm reading his stuff, it will take me well into my life before I run out. In other words I have something to look forward to in the book reading entertainment world.

Tonight is the night that Frankie Sinatra plays in our theater area in Higher and Higher. I can imagine now what kind of "hysterics" the fellows are going to go into in imitation of the stories we read about in the magazines and newspapers.

What work I did this AM went along rather smoothly although I haven't been getting out very many OPVs and one of the main reasons was that every time I would work on them, the wind began blowing somewhat awful and it was all but impossible to type with the paper flying about right in the machine. As a result, I would let them go and do other things as typing up short forms, cards or working on 201s or any such jobs where the wind was not such a factor.

They haven't had a real inspection for quite some time now so tomorrow they are going to have a "Saturday Inspection" --- in other words, floors mopped, everything perfect, plus shoes, mess kits and rifles on display.

I hope I get a letter this afternoon or even a picture of a Grecian Beauty --- I'm not particular.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman