Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
25 Aug 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

In last night's letter which I wrote this morning, I forgot to mention many things of which I will try to touch upon now. For instance, the gang of us left immediately after work at four o'clock and Jack M drove us down in style using Captain Ladley's jeep. At the show are a slight difference in opinions occurred. Lewis and Grauel came early to get a good seat yet they wanted to sit away back were we always sit. Mathis and I wanted to sit as close to the front row as possible and it ended by both doing our own way with us front and them away back. I believe they would have traded us at the beginning of the show when the sound went out and we could hear Jack Benny with our ears while no one back there could. For refreshments we brought along a canteen of ice water, boxes of cookies and four slices of bread upon which we spread the can of sardines I found I had hidden in one of my boxes of old letters. For reading material we had four Daily Newses so the time passed rather swiftly and Benny & Company arrived right on the button instead of making us wait fifteen minutes as did Hope & Co.

We remained for the show "Adventures in Iraq" with John Loder and others and had the shock of our lives to see one of the old time (1923-28) Saturday matinee thrillers of life in the mysterious East. Robes, shawls, sheets, veils, bongs, gongs, Oriental music, Eastern customs and the rest filled the thing up completely. And amongst it all the ruler of the country turns up speaking perfect English, with a modern house interior and an English valet. We got a kick out of it just watching Hollywood turn out one of those old timers in this modern day and age.

O yes, I forgot to mention that just before going to the show I received another letter. This one was from DotnEd (that's the way she signed it) in answer to my letter to Aunty Lillie and Uncle Leo. Now who am I supposed to answer, Dotned or Auntie Lillie and Uncle Leo?

Speaking of letters reminds me that this AM I received your V-mail of the 18th which continues the good delivery. It was written last Friday and it is Friday here although really it took only six days to make the trip since you are living in Thursday as I am writing this. In the Friday letter you mention not receiving any mail and if the same holds true for Saturday, you must have received mail in carload lots on Monday the 21st - at least two dozen letters - right?

I've been trying to get into the barbers ever since ten o'clock this morning but he is busy and will most likely continue to be busy during the next two hours of the afternoon. This is the short day today when we get off work at three bells in order to go to the Orientation Class and that Retreat Parade. Because of the miserable attendance of last Friday, Captain Hanton has made sure that this week there will be a record turn out and at least 3/4 of the company will fall out.

The little kids may fight among themselves like that when they are kids but usually brothers and sisters about the same age grow up to be pretty nice to each other. At least if George P and Florence P are any example and Muriel was getting along a little better with her brothers too as they grew into adults.

Seems funny that Rosana will soon be going to school - that's kindergarten you mean isn't it? Personally I don't see much difference between going to Catholic School and going to Public School - both places turn them out good and bad. And I believe a Public School is the better of two for there isn't as apt to be as much narrow mindedness in it.

The talk of the day so far has been "Say, did you get a laugh out of when Larry Adler and June Brumner did etc" or "That Jack Benny sure was okay when etc" and so it goes reviewing last night excellent entertainment. The show at our theater area this evening is a Johnny Weismuller Tarzan picture and I doubt whether I'll bother to see it.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman