Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
28 August 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

I'm beginning this letter this noon hour in sufficient time so that I need not hurry at an excessive speed which is more than I can say for the last three of my letters. The big item on today's news is that one more trip to the dentist is in the past. This one was a very mild affair as he filled two teeth, one on the lower and one on the upper set on the left side of the mouth. According to their check, I only had three more to be filled and two to be extracted which is less than I thought. I imagined that they wanted to do all those this morning and get it over with but I told them to take it easy and Captain Stieler said that Klick was one boy who didn't care how slow we worked on him and he could take it one tooth at a time and I wouldn't object whereas the other fellows want all the work done at one sitting. Of course, the other fellows are cursed with sinking stomachs, cold sweat and blackouts. It is a matter of dispute if I could keep on going after the fifth or sixth tooth was drilled. As it is Captain Stieler is amazed at "what a good patient this fellow Klick has turned out to be." I guess he won't forget my "sickness" with which I opened my visits to him in New Cal.

My next appointment is another three weeks in the future and is scheduled for 8:30 Tuesday morning on September 19th. O yes, even though I got out of the chair at ten-thirty, it didn't keep me form eating a good meal today on the right side of my mouth.

The mail situation was bad for the Battalion since all that came in was V-mail but for me it presaged well for out of the handful I received three of them. Two were from Uncle Jack who is still wondering how I turn out so many letters while I'm finding it difficult to remember just when the last time was that I wrote anyone a letter besides you. The other one is your V-mail of August 20th. You had a lot of nerve tantalizing me with that big dish of peach jello which you set yourself down to eat but I got back at you by going to lunch this noon and finding an extra good peach cake with frosting on the menu and we all got a good sized slice of it. So there.

O yes, a News came in but my Chicago friend, Andy Mathis, took it upon himself to open it up in my absence in the mess hall. I asked him why he didn't ask me for it instead of just opening it up and he said he did which may be true for he asked me on the wrong ear and I never heard him. I don't like being too strict with him for the Chicago papers do mean more to him than to Jack who is just wanting anything to read and then too, Andy, is very liberal in letting anyone read his magazines he gets from home even though he himself hasn't read them as yet.

The August 21st Time magazine has come in and I'm busy reading it right now. I believe that a person could get along very well on keeping up with the world if cut off from other sources of news, he could depend upon that newsy edition.

The impossible has happened. I've practically been given official permission to write a letter to Harvey Beaumont during my working hours as part of my job. Here is how it all came about. Lt. Suiter is the Special Services officer for this Battalion and wants to obtain quite a few more books for our Battalion library but doesn't know just where to get them outside of the sources now at our disposal. He knows too that that 353 has a very large library and he figures that if we contact Joseph Bana at the 353, their librarian, we can find out just how the books were procured. He asked me to write to one of my friends in the outfit and find out all I can about the deal. Of course, I just can't say, "Hello Harvey tell me about the library goodbye" but I'll have the chance to answer his letter and putting in a few extra words while taking care of the information request.

My wish for the day is that I also may end it by writing at least to Uncle Jack or someone so that I can get started on the other answers before a deluge hits me again which is likely to happen seeing as how just about a week ago my 37 letters hit the States and some results are bound to be forthcoming.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman