Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
1 September 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

The ear still hurts now and I hope that the clinic just doesn't say that it is just one of those things which they can't do anything about, but rather decide that an operation or something could fix it up. After all, I have nothing to lose because the condition of the ear as it is makes it of no use and who knows but that they could restore the hearing to it. We shall see what comes of it long before the next twelve hours are spent.

No doubt you are glad that I have finally done something about it, right? Now, while I'm in the mood, I ought to see about getting that yearly X-ray which I'm supposed to have but which I haven't had since March of last year --- results of which were never made known to me, incidentally. We shall see about that later.

There was no mail today except for three Daily Newses. O yes, the Retreat Formation was called off because of inclement weather and Jack Molyneaux and I took advantage of the extra time on our hands to play two games of ping-pong which I won by some fortunate stroke of luck after such a long absence from the game. Speaking of the dayroom reminds me that they have it fixed up nifty with card tables, dice tables, writing tables, chairs and benches. The dice and card tables are lined with some sort of cloth and really look elegant. Now they want to paint large pin-up queens in the corners and put curtains around the windows. In other words it is going to look similar to the dayrooms in the states.

It was also payday today but I was very disappointed. For one thing, instead of getting my full $27.00 I received $26.70. Then I stopped over to the next table and the 1st Sgt took fifty cents from me for the KPs. You see, they have started a permanent KP system whereby the fellows split between themselves 50¢ from each man in the company. That left me with $26.20 and I promptly bought 20¢ worth of candy for the show this evening and paid Lewis $2.00 which I owed to him for the elephants and the money I borrowed to send home the elephants and never did. So --- right now I have the sum total of $24.00 with $20.00 slated for the bank and the rest for spending money to include candy, soap, Kleenex, cokes, and haircuts. The reason for my only getting $26.70 was that Leish typed in my insurance as $6.90 instead of $6.60 and I'll have to get a rebate on that next month. Methinks that I had better cut out the soldiers deposit until my finances are on a sounder basis.

With Lewis taking over CQ tomorrow, I am not going to be affected from the usual run of things and will skip having CQ this Sunday as threatened. Perhaps it is unfortunately so for I did have plans of typing quite a bit including a story I want to send to Uncle Jack and it would take about a whole day of solid work.

It isn't quite ten-thirty yet and it is funny how sleepy I'm getting. As I have mentioned several times in the past month or so, I'm trying to get plenty of rest instead of staying up to all unearthly hours. It will pay me well to build up my reserves during the next year or so in order that those post war years can be fully utilized even if it means stretching out my waking hours to keep going.

How does this strike you for a post war plan? I believe that the GI Bill of Rights will allow a person to go to night school so if I have to, I could work at Rathborne, continue to go to school for my degree and further knowledge in some money making lines (at government expense as fare as the tuition goes) and also be saving up some additional money for the rink or whatever project may be on my mind. There are so many possibilities open after this war that it is a bit difficult trying to dope out the right path to take. Any ideas or suggestions or questions you might have concerning future plans for the post war years are welcome. You surely have thought of it from time to time. Haven't you?

/s/ Roman   Roman