Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
2 September 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Andrew Mathis has sixteen other fellows kind of peeved at him this evening and he himself feels like a cent since he said an outfit way at the other end of the island was showing "And The Angels Sing" which you know is an excellent picture and we were all willing to take the long trip up there. It is but a few minutes after nine and we are back already after seeing a marvelous picture with the Andrew Sisters. They are no good, I never liked them and I certainly didn't appreciate them in this picture especially after being prepared for a real good show. Moreover, the Seabees had a good picture "My Son, My Son" --- old but good and I didn't go to see it account of going to the other place.

Incidentally, I am becoming more and more convinced that doctors do more harm than good. My ear was sore and pained slightly before I did anything about it but now I am having recurring pains, very sharp and deep which almost makes me wince and they are becoming more and more frequent rather than further apart. Personally, I don't get it. And I have a lulu of a headache also --- that hasn't gone away now for quite a while.

The afternoon went rather smoothly. I was in no mood to do my own work so Sackett kept giving me the Company Clerks work to do but I didn't mind it for it was straight typing and I didn't have to bother my headache with any thought waves which I would have done had I begun working on my own work. But the height of something or other came when ten minutes to four, Sackett gave me some work to be retyped. Why did it have to be retyped? Was it wrong in any way? No! but after five months of abbreviating Lieutenant one way, the Lieutenant wanted it another way and for that it had to be retyped. It must have taken up just about two minutes flat to do that thing over again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of rest but I'm almost ascared to try sleeping overtime for fear someone will come along to wake us up and put us to work thus defeating any aims at resting. Yet the way I feel right now I could go to sleep and never wake up.

O yes, even Captain Schleinits commented upon that atrophy by saying to me, "Do you know that one side of your face is longer than the other?" Ordinary people never notice it but it is amazing how quick the doctors can detect something out of the ordinary.

There was practically no mail at all this afternoon for the entire battalion with the exception of the Time magazines coming in. Four people in the office get the Time magazine --- Major Shubat, Captain Ladley and Captain Cook among the officers and Delf Armistice Norona of the Enlisted Section. I always take it upon myself to hand it to Norona and then get first "butts" on it which means if he is busy, I can read it right off and I have been doing just that off and on since four o'clock. I didn't finish it yet so after finishing this letter and waiting for the ten o'clock news, I will read a little more of it.

Captain Cook is the Staff Duty Officer tomorrow which means that I may possibly get his jeep to do a little riding around. Not that I care to very much but it is a possibility.

My conversation seems to be dwindling somewhat this evening and I'm having a difficult time in putting any more words down on paper. The latest discussion between Jack Molyneaux and myself is what we consider a "good" salary. I'm of the opinion that $50 a week is a "good" salary and he says $40 a week is "good". Naturally, $40 is anything to sneeze at but suppose a person had himself and two other people to look out after, there would be a few things which wouldn't be had on $40 which are accepted as standard to live right which $50 per could allow one to have. The salary I would like to have after the war is $60 a week upon which I believe we could live rather nicely.

/s/ Roman