Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
4 September 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

The time is approximately ten minutes to eleven and the latest I have been up and around for some time now. My work is not nearly done either for I have to copy several sheets of V-mail before I can call it a day. All this evening I accomplished but one thing and one thing alone. I wrote a letter to Patricia. It is not the best of letters, but I don't have any fears that it is a bad letter. It hops about from topic to topic and covers three typewritten sheets of stationary. It is a load off my chest to be rid of the job --- she is one girl I would much rather be talking to face to face than writing letters to. In a way, I wouldn't shed a tear if she never answered this one. Things don't really matter that much.

Other things which have taken place since my last letter of this afternoon are (1) I had two treatments of the ear first at one o'clock and then again at four o'clock, (2) In the absence of Newton with the mail jeep, I took Lynd into the post office with Captain Cook's jeep, (3) I spent the four to five period on my bunk in the barracks reading "Victory" and spent a half an hour after supper in the office completing the job of reading it, (4) I dug deeply into my reserve funds as I spent an entire dime for three Hershey bars.

The mail situation was good in the morning for everyone and it continued to be good to me this afternoon. Well, maybe it was too good for Mrs. Reed's 3¢ mail of August 25th arrived today presumably by airplane. For gosh sakes, it's bad enough keeping up a correspondence but here the mail double times it when I would wish it to slow time for a while. I believe I will have to do something about it from this end of the line. For instance, in the future, I could write or type my letters on paper to certain people and send them by boat mail praying that it will go that way so instead of corresponding twice a month it will be elongated to a correspondence being carried out once over a period of two months.

Now that I have so much mail on hand to answer, I might as well keep at it night after night until it is all out of the way. For instance, I believe I can safely devote tomorrow night to letter writing rather than to going to the show for the main feature of the evening is Roy Rogers in some Texas singing-cowboy picture. I've only seen Roy Rogers in one picture but if I saw "Idaho" once, I saw it ten times and that sickened me of him and all his cast of characters.

Being CQ this evening, I was subject to call by the Major to answer his various questions and his requests for information or material. This proved some of my shortcomings which I had not been aware of, for instance, the headquarters section has a Dewey Decimal system of which I have allowed myself to remain ignorant of. There were other things, of course, which I could not handle very well for it was headquarters business with which I had nothing whatever to do with.

By the way, those OPVs which were competed before the old month was out are still hanging around the office and I haven't any idea when they are going to go out. I have mentioned the change in one of the appropriation numbers which made all the vouchers wrong and would expect Lt Suiter (he's GI) to have me do them all over or something like that but I never expected Sackett to ask me to do that. We compromised at last and tomorrow we will find out at Finance whether they will accept them as they are or whether they want the changes in ink or typewritten in.

By the way, once again, in this morning's once over of the ear by Captain Schleinitz, he had me take my temperature one more time and today it was a mere 98. I had a hard time keeping that thermometer underneath my tongue in its proper position.

/s/ Roman   Roman