Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal

Dear Aunty Clara,

Thank you Aunty Clara and thank you Aunty Florence for the two boxes of mallow delights. That sure was a delightful surprise to reach down into the mailbag this afternoon and pull out that package. Here I was thinking that my package receiving days were over except for the box of tooth powder on the way and, therefore, it was so unexpected. As usual, they are as fresh as the day they left Mrs. Snyder's candy store and delicious as always.

The Cicero Life papers are all read thru too although this time there were very few items which were of very personal interest. A few of the names mentioned were familiar as former acquaintances but none as friends. Those Cicero and Berwyn Queens proved to be of more interest than you probably expected them to be since all the fellows crowded around my desk looking to see what the feminine pulchritude of the West Towns looked like.

In the morning mail I receive your V-mail letter of last Friday the 8th of September and did begin answering it during the noon hour. However, the unforeseen developed and I unable to complete the letter I had begun at that time. I have been taking my turn at CQ today and immediately after I came back from early chow, I was put to work on typing up some emergency stuff and although I completed the job shortly after twelve bells, the time was lost in my having to hop into the nearest available jeep and rush the letters over to the Major for his signature and then hunt up Captain Maack over at Group Headquarters and deliver them to him personally. All this took up so much of the remaining time that the bugle was blowing the end of the intermission. I did try writing but gave it up at that time as a bad job.

In addition to the V-mail and the package, I received some four Daily Newses today. The Bulldozer also came out and for the second straight week, Jack has put my name in it. He is merely paying me back for the times I have ribbed him by relating incidents in which he has been involved.

From four to five and from about five-twenty to eight, I was very busy reading all the newspapers and answering questions of Lt. Suiter as he would dream them up. Eventually, I did begin writing and listening to a radio program at the same time. It didn't work and I neither made sense out of the letter or the program. Then came some more of this last minute rush typing by Lt. Suiter but it was so insignificant' that within five minutes I had the thing done.

The news meanwhile came over the radio that the landing operations had begun on Halamanera Island and Palau. Because we are in this theater of war, we can't do any guessing in letters as to what we think is going to happen but about two months ago or more, I managed to get hold of a swell map of the South Pacific and personally planned the strategy of the war and the time-table for it also. The result of today's invasions were miraculous for September 15th was one of my marked days. However, I can't see the end of the war with Japan until at least December 1945 although it will probably and very easily can extend into 1946.

While I sit here typing this letter, Amos and Andy is on and Andy is trying his worst to get into jail and no matter what he does, it turns out alright. He wants to get away from a fellow and thinks it would be a safe place in the hoosegow. And even the ending has been screwy because he thought he was running away from another boyfriend of the girl he has been going out with and it turns out to be her brother who wants him to know that he is proud of Andy for being such a gentleman when taking his sister out.

The working days has passed by fairly fast today for there was something to do from beginning to end.

Once again I'm very disappointed in myself for the usual faults I have in not writing letters to others and in general wasting my time. Another thing, I've been rather sleepy all day today and haven't had the opportunity to get in any little catnaps to get some rest in on the side and am even having trouble typing out this letter.

Mathis and I sent a crazy letter to the fellow who runs the Rise and Shine program of recorded music in the morning. We asked him to play a few Virginia O'Brien numbers and some of Spike Jones' selections such as Holiday for Strings and In Der Feuhrer's face. This screwball in the morning program is the same fellow who says that he doesn't want any letters coming in and that you can feel sure they will be dumped right into the ocean. He also renames his program once in a while "The Get Right Out of Bed and Smile Like Everything Program."

This morning I was too tired to bother getting up for breakfast so after Standing Reveille, I went right back to bed and remained there until just a little bit before seven bells. In fact, even Jack M stopped in at the barracks on the way to the office thinking I would walk down with him but he found me sound asleep and the guy work me up.

The breakfast I missed was another fresh egg affair but we had had them now for the fourth time in one week and a fellow can get independent like so I said, "Eggs, why I'm getting tired of having those things every morning." Of course, that isn't true at all and tomorrow morning we are having eggs again and you can bet your life that I'm going to be on hand to have my share of them.

O yes, you asked me in your letter what you and Aunty Florence might send me Christmas. Well, off hand I can't think of anything and in case I do, I will let you know.

There was going to be an officers party and dance tomorrow night and there still is going to be one but the system has been changed. Remember the time back in White when Jack, Bill, Yzzi, Petri and I were all waiters etcetera and had a pretty good time and got paid for it on top of everything? Well, we were going to do that all over again this Saturday night but somehow they changed the situation and the regular strikers for the officers will take the job over. We did anticipate having a swell time because our band is the one that plays the sweet dance music.

O gee o gosh, this is way too late for my brain and I'm seeing double, writing double and everything so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to call it a day right now.

/s/ Roman