Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
18 September 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Well, the mail really came flying in today. I received four V-mails from you. One was the letter which you spoke of and which I never received - that was the one for Monday the 21st of August. It must have been held up somewheres along the line. Right now, in your mail, you are telling me about your not receiving one of my letters. Doesn't it seem to work out that way everytime? We both have letters delayed at both ends. The others are dated the 9th, 10th and 11th. The fifth letter I received was from Myrtle Reed and is the picture of the house. The house is sure okay and is very similar to the one Tommy Mashos lived in across the street from Morton High School in the younger days. I believe that the price they paid for it is alright also but I wouldn't want a house like that if I could help it because they really are old fashioned nowadays. The fellows got a kick out of Myrtle's sending me the picture of her house although to me it was interesting and there was nothing comic to it. They wanted to know what her intentions were and all that sort of thing and then asked if she was ascared to take a photograph of herself. It is really a laugh the way fellows can jump at conclusions for ever since Mrs. Boyer sent the picture of herself and Muriel, they (Lewis) thinks Boyer written on an envelope or package is from "the blonde" not thinking that it is from Mrs. Boyer who is my correspondent. Nevertheless, Jack keeps asking me if I have any pictures of these girls that write to me; so (and I believe I asked you this once before about a year ago without getting any results) please send me any extra pictures I might have in my photo album of Eleanor, Dolores, Marion and if there are any of Myrtle you can send one of her along too. The ones which do them most justice are Marion: the one Johnnie O'Neal took of her standing in one of doorways of the office; Dolores: the winter street scene in which she is eating some pop corn; Eleanor: well, I really can't say, but there is one in which she, Dolores and Chester Hansen are in which is pretty good. Of course, if you don't want to send them, just say so because it isn't the important.

Holy smokes, Jack and Betty are raising another "One Man's Family" aren't they? After three kids, it isn't any longer an ideal family but a boarding house or something. Let's hope they stop there. That is what Dolores used to say that she was going to have five or more kids until she filled up the house. There aren't many people these days that want more than one child let alone so many of them.

We read about E. Bergen introducing another character and personally I don't think it will be so wonderful because I never like his Mortimer Snerd either. Charley MacCarthy is good enough the way he is.

Incidentally, did I tell you that tomorrow morning is my dentist appointment? Yes, at eight-thirty tomorrow morning I will be inducted into the torture chamber once again and me-thinks he is about to get around to pulling some teeth again. So far I've been exceedingly lucky as far as the effects and the ease with which the teeth have been yanked but I have formed some theories on that subject. For instance, the left side of my face is not as developed as the right side and therefore, I imagine that it has been easier yanking them from that side whereas the right side should prove to be a tougher job.

The bugler is blowing and it is about time for me to get back to the grindstone. O yes, two more visitors from the 353rd came around today. They were Lloyd Gunderson and Albert Welling. One is the same as I am in the 353rd i.e. Welling is the Morning Reports, Off Sub Sec and Medics and Gundy used to have that job so what do we do but begin talking shop. Those fellows sure have the army made being able to come over like that and we are waiting for the day when orders come out letting us do the same thing. We are going to take advantage of it but quick when they do come in.

The second box of mallow delights were opened up at seven bells and if there are four left, that is more than I expected would be.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman