Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/p SF Cal
26 November 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

JB is one of these people who do not realize when they are offending other people. In other words, they can not effectively place themselves in the position of another person and realize what that person is feeling. The Special Service Assistant came in this morning and asked if he could help run the machine and he was told that if he cared to come down and learn it, he could drop in sometime around six- thirty. Then he turned to me and said in a very pleasant tone that here was someone anxious to run it so maybe I would get out of the job after all. Well, when a person is GI and strict when it comes to work and business which is a large part of a person's waking life, I do not want any parts of him when it comes to social life. If a person wants to be "funny" about some things and then smile and laugh with you at certain reserved portions of the day, that is not for me. I just can't do things that way and it is incredible that anyone should be like that. If I don't like a person during working hours, I'm not going to like him during after hours either.

Now to a more pleasant subject like mail for instance. Mail is a pleasant subject only pleasant or not, I didn't get anything but two Daily Newses this morning in spite of the fact that Howton and Lynd brought back a whole trailer load of packages. No mail at all and that is discouraging on account of because two days have now gone by without any V-mail coming in at all. Me thinks that V-mail is not being used widely enough any more and that it takes longer for these microfilm reels to be filled up and consequently is being delayed again.

As I told you yesterday, this is my CQ day and after having so many people on the alert to wake me up, I woke myself up when Goldenberg was whistling for his men to come and get early chow somewhere around six o'clock. Then, after I was dressed and washed and had my place cleaned up, the Corporal of the Guard came in to wake Frazin and myself up. Five minutes later, Bill Grauel came to wake me up.

The very first thing I did when I got down to the office was to make a list of all the people I wanted to send Christmas cards to. Then when that was finished, I made another list with their addresses. Then I made little slips with everyones name and when I would chose a card for a certain person I would put the little tab in it and line their name out from the list. Finally, I began addressing the cards by first mass producing my return address and the word free up in the corner. Then I went thru them a second time to write the names of the people the cards are going to. Last, I picked out all the cards that were ready to be sent and put aside all those I have to write little notes in. There were approximately fifty cards and I can begin mailing them out at the rate of from five to ten a night from now on and begin writing the short notes on them. The more I look at Pat's card, the more appropriate I think it is and I sure think that you know how to pick them.

At two o'clock I go off duty when Leishman comes on. At that time Bill Grauel and myself are going to sun ourselves by playing some basketball.

The only difficulty I have encountered with the cards is in a few addresses. I can't locate Mr. Arguelles address (I had trouble with that the last two Christmases too) and I didn't know any address in Milwaukee except Aunt-Aunt's at 912 Nash St so I sent everything there in care of her.

It doesn't appear as if our Supply section is going to get us the fillers for our calendar this year. In case you run into any Gem fillers for the 1945 calendars and they only cost a few cents, it may be a good idea to buy it and send it along. Maybe the dime store sells them. This evening's letter is going to be on the large typewriter because this thing sticks from the last two inches to the end.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman