Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/p SF Cal
27 November 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

On account of because I'm using this large type this evening, I'll have to write three V-mails to complete the letter instead of merely two. Your V-mails of the 17th and 18th arrived in the morning's mail. Nothing came in the afternoon delivery. It does seem more and more odd that suddenly the V-mail service should have gone bad and that they lost four letters. Since your letters are still reaching me without interruption, I feel that there is carelessness at this end of the line. It may be in the handling of the mail right in the Orderly Room or in the Battalion Mail Room or in the post office here on the island. Where ever those letters are being misplaced or lost does not alter the fact that you do not receive them. What I should do is make duplicates and then sent them out in case there occur any more "losses". It used to be that if the V-mail service was in error, you would get the letter about a month or so later - reprinted from the microfilm. At any rate, I sure hope they turn up soon, otherwise the praise we have heretofore given the mail service in not losing letters will have to be taken back. And, unless I state otherwise, I'll still be sending out two V-mail sheets a day. In today's second sheet, I'll be able to say for sure whether I will or will not write three sheets today because of the large type.

Your telling me about baking a fruit cake made me hungry and then when you mentioned that you were thinking of baking cookies, it gave me an idea. The next time you bake any cookies - the kind that aren't too fragile, maybe you could try to send me a few in a very small box (all sealed up in waxed paper and adhesive tape) just for an experiment. I sure would enjoy eating some of your cookies again even if it was just a taste. If I don't get home soon, I'll forget how to eat them. I'll never forget those months in Camp White before the rationing was so strict, the way every Sunday afternoon I'd be sitting down to munching the cookies that arrived in the morning mail. I'll bet you did more consistent cookie baking during that period than you ever did before in your life, right?

Talk about losing some pounds in that march down in the Motor Pool several weeks back - that isn't going to be anything compared to what is on the schedule this week. We are going to parade around one day to practice for a parade that is going to take place the next day and then we are going to go right out the day after that and do it all over again. With all of them being full dress parades, I think the pounds will just roll off like water. When I find out where they are keeping the scale these days, I'll run over and get myself weighed just to see how I'm coming along.

That December Photoplay must have been pretty interesting that you took all evening to read it. We will probably come around to getting it over here sometime in 1945. Right now all the latest magazines are the October issue.

Sometimes I think that when I get home this next time, I'm just going to be so glad and so thankful for being back that I won't be able to say a thing but just sit there in the parlor and enjoy being free once again and out of prison.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman