Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 709
c/o PM SF Cal
5 December 1944

Dear Aunty Clara,

Four letters arrived in the afternoon's mail just a short while ago. Two were from you dated the 26th and the 27th and the other two were (1) the air mail from Aunty Florence and her "follow up" V-mail letter. Those pictures are quite remarkable of Aunty Florence with an up sweep hair do and more remarkable still is the fact that they turned out okay seeing as how they were taken indoors and by yourself. But more comments on the pictures will follow in a letter to Aunty Florence which I hope to write in the near future. I do not say that with my tongue in my cheek for I do actually intend to begin writing again soon.

Your letter telling me that Periera has had some of that "Toddy" chocolate milk drink comes at a time when our PX is still out of it. I just wonder how much of that stuff they are sending overseas. I think we could easily take care of five to ten million cans per day.

Gosh, it is too bad we can't send cigarettes home to relieve the shortage on the civilian market and the home front. The fellows here have an unlimited supply of all the brands and they have to buy them - not by the cigarette or by the half package - but by the carton at 50 cents a carton. So, I guess it is true that in some things the soldiers have the best and the most of it.

Thanks for getting the heels for the moccasins. I'm glad that I've had the patience to wait instead of wearing them without heels. Then they would have been no good at all by the time the heels arrived.

Your carrying that can of enamel home after the can (or bottle) broke in half made me laugh a little because it must have looked funny walking down 22nd Street with a leaking bottle of white enamel.

Yes, Aunty Clara, I remember the time you were telling me I had brought home a cat and not a "little kitty." The only thing is that since my child's mind at the time thought it was a kitten, I still can't picture it as anything but a kitten. I know that one of those times you were afraid my little "Kitty" was agile enough to menace Petey up there in his cage.

The show this evening is "Star Maker" with Bing Crosby and one which I saw several months ago at this other outfit. I sure wish that I didn't have to run that lousy old projector. I've given Lt Suiter a week now to find a substitute for my place and to me it looks like he hasn't done a thing about it. I'm going to have to remind him that he had said he was going to get one otherwise I'll be running it to doomsday. I'll sign off for now and return again for a closing word later this evening.

Here I am, back again at quarter after nine. The evening rain has begun again --- it is getting to be a habit with that weather. I really don't know why I have to go up to that movie projection booth anymore for. Nelson Peck, The Special Service Assistant, is up there, Ebner comes in, Lt Yantis, Lt Suiter and even Dock Haley all crowd in also. So what do I do? They all love to monkey with the light, the sound, et cetera (plus putting their finger into the machine to jam up the works) so I just sit off in the lookout box and let them run the whole show and then take the film back up to the office when the show is over.

You know, it just dawned upon me that about three or four months after I knew Jack M. I wrote and told you that he was the kind that said one thing while meaning and doing another. Remember that? Maybe the fault lays not only in the present conditions but also in the fact that he is in the same company now and we see just a bit too much of each other. That could account for so many blow ups in the last few months. O well what's the difference anyway. Momentary unpleasantries will all pass away and be forgotten by tomorrow in our happy post war world.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman