Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 75
c/p SF Cal
30 June 1945

Dear Aunty Clara,

The time now must be about three o'clock Sunday morning and I am really tired. Here is how come I'm so late. I was CQ today and at four o'clock when I came on duty, there were five Daily Newses waiting for me at my desk and I began reading them. By six o'clock I began getting some work to do from Major Ladley and then two fellows from a nearby outfit came in and want to copy some forms. And since I knew one of the fellows I had to spend a couple hours talking over the good old times together. Then I drove them home and when I came back I sat around chewing the fat with Moreno and also eating a can of sardines. Then along about eleven o'clock the show let out and the company clerks began coming in to type up their morning reports. That is when I began working.

Since we are allowed tomorrow off I wanted to make all my work simple for the CQ and I had to outline what work had to be done the first thing and then arrange my desk-footlocker in such a shape that in case the CQ wants to look for anything he can find it.

Nevertheless, I had to do about three hours work and now I'm so tired that my eyes are drooping. Funniest thing though is that all this week when I've gone to bed at one and two o'clock, I would wake up the next morning ready to go on ahead with another long day. However, last night I got to bed by nine-thirty and slept through the nite without interruption and then, right after breakfast I felt so tired that I had to crawl back into bed and the fellows forgot to wake me up so I slept until seven-fifteen before I woke with a start. I was groggy all day long and it would seem that after getting enough sleep for the first time in a week, I would feel good instead of miserable. I asked Owens of the Medics about it and he said it would take a week of good sound and long sleep before I would be back to normal. He says when a person stays awake long hours day and night and night and day, he begins living on his nerves. A one night's good sleep only serves to relax the person and then he first notices how tired out his body really is from the strain of keeping on the go. That is why I felt so sleepy after my first good night's sleep.

And now all the topics of conversation that I'm trying to think of just slip out of my mind so I might as well call it quits for today.

/s/ Roman