Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 75
c/p SF Cal
17 August 1945

Dear Aunty Clara,

Is the war really over? I'm beginning to doubt it more than ever before. With the past treachery of the Japanese well known, what would prevent them from pulling off a grand stratagem at this stage of the game to recoup a bit of time for reorganization and recovery. During this lull since the first Domei News Agency report of Japan's offer to surrender, the Japs have undoubtedly continued war production and without the daily losses against their military might, they could possibly have increased their air force to effective strength for the time being. And just supposing we were to steam up to the coast only to be met by a withering fire and a tremendous wave of suicide planes - we would be at a decided handicap minus the artillery barrage and the aerial isolation of the area. What then is the reason for the incessant delay on the part of the Japanese? Why do they take the last possible moment to decide something and then try to prolong and postpone to the last possible minute again? Until that Japanese army of two million in the home islands is disarmed, I'm not going to believe that the war is over.

By the way, I'm going to cut the letter down to a single page tonight on account of because I went to the concert, didn't get back until after eleven, ate a couple slices of bread and drank some coffee before coming up to the office. Then I was sidetracked by reading some magazines and the time is well after twelve bells right now and I'm dead tired.

Yesterday I made a date with Arnalfo to take him and his wife to the concert providing I could get the tickets and the transportation. It was so indefinite and he wasn't down to work today so he couldn't tell whether the plans would go ahead as figured. Also I didn't have but a rough idea where his house was at. But we made it. The boys who didn't register for the school Tuesday went today to register. Then within a walk of two blocks we reached Arnalfo's. He lives with his wife in a tailor shop. They drag a bed out into the store at night to sleep. With Manila being as crowded as it is, they feel fortunate to have that much room. I asked for him in the store and his wife went to get him. His wife's name is Caring (for short), she is taller than he is, slim, pleasant and not bad looking. She thanked me for the apples. Because I wasn't too familiar with how to get to the Rex Theater from his house, he led the way through sidestreets which is something I could not have possibly done. Hipp gave us a bum steer and it turned out to be the concert we heard the last time. We enjoyed it anyway as did the Ulgado's. We drove them home in the truck at night. They live about a half a block from the San Sebastian Church on Hidalgo Avenue.

At the concert we ate peanuts. Yes, Aunt-Aunt's nuts arrived today after being in the mails for three months! I can't say that they are fresh but they are not stale. It is one of the best packages yet as she divided it up into four small (date sized) boxes completely sealed in waxed paper, and tape.

Received V-mails from you (5 Aug) and Mrs Reed. They say the airmail and V-mail is going to stop for several days. Worked mostly on the battalion weekly today and we got it to press before five o'clock to meet the deadline. The mallow delights are gone.

So-long,   /s/ Roman   Roman