Sgt Roman F. Klick 36620923
HS 1393 Engr APO 75
c/p SF Cal
24 Aug 45

Dear Aunty Clara,

This is an extra letter being written ahead of time on Friday afternoon while I am on the first leg of my CQ tour. The main thing which I thought I would do this noon hour would be to answer your letters, all 6 of them which came in this morning just a few minutes before I had to go eat chow. They were dated August 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, and I also received one from Miss Myrtle Reed who took the last fifteen minutes of her working day off to type out the note. I knew that when the V-mails would come in, they would come in droves just as they did today. In the bunch of mail were your reactions to the atomic bomb and finally, the peace proposals of the Japanese Government. Of course, the last letter dated the 11th was too early for you to see just what was going to happen as an outcome and I'll await those letters anxiously. O yes, the reason I can not answer your letters in detail during this noon hour is that after reading them I rushed off to chow and instead of taking them with me when I came back up to the office, I left them on my shelves. A slow day is again in the offing today as I finished the morning reports in no hurry and then progressed on towards finishing news for the Battalion newspaper. In fact I'm not finished with that job as yet and perhaps I will be working on it all the way up until three bells when I go to early chow once again. Then too, at four o'clock we have Orientation and that means I'll only have to do two hours of work this afternoon.

This evening I ought to be able to make good progress on the letter writing on account of because I'll be up here extremely early & will be able to get a quick start. Last night I wrote letters to Uncle Jack, or I should say I wrote Uncle Jack a letter.

Also last night, I left the office at around ten o'clock and then went down to the mess hall where I had, of all things, pineapple sandwiches. After all the pineapple I filled myself with the other day, you'd think that I'd have my fill of it. But no, I just sat there in the mess hall eating one pineapple sandwich (crushed pineapple on a slice of bread) after another until I had downed three of them. The only reason I stopped eating them at that time was because I was making a hog of myself.

Oh, oh, did you notice that last line? I went over my established margin and ruined a perfectly good page. I was trying to make a letter to you look fairly decent by keeping both margins straight as we have to do in making up the Battalion Paper. However, since I've ruined it now, there is no necessity to continue it. Besides it makes the language a bit stilted trying to change words around to fit in the last few spaces at a sentences end.

Talking about the newspaper, we got a write-up in the Camp Newspaper Service paper sent to all unit editors. It gave all our names and that we put out the initial publication last week without a name. We have that name this time and it was suggested by Col Shubat --- The Scraper.

For now, so-long,
/s/ Roman